Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pagan Art, Part Deux

Good morning, friends (and foes, if there are any such out there).  This summer has been summery lately, that is for certain.  Hot, dry, and all my flowers are wilting.  The herbs seem happy, though.

Well, let's carry on with our exploration of Pagan Art.  Today I want to start with an artist I found on Etsy, Emily Balivet, who according to her profile hails from the same neck of the woods that I do; Vermont.

Her main influences are myths, goddesses, and Art Nouveau--some of my favorite things.  They are full of grace and movement with deep colors and lushness.

Hathor as Goddess of Music & Dance
I love the image of Hathor as the goddess of music and dance, with its mysterious monochromatic feeling.  It is more evocative of a 60's movie that takes place in Las Vegas than it is of Ancient Egypt, but if the gods are alive and on the move now, then why not?  The goddess of music and dance will be where ever there is music and dance.

This creative interpretation of the Goddess's aspect shows a strong understanding of Her myths and aspects.

Check out her gorgeous work on Etsy or Facebook.

Anunet, Goddess of Mystery

Orpheus and Eurydice
Lastly I want to mention Mary Kelly.  Some of her work is more stylized, but very dynamic nonetheless.  Rather than portraits, her work strikes me as more votive than anything.

As well as some well-known goddesses, she digs out some very obscure deities and brings them to light through her art, like this beautiful lady.  Brunissen, a figure of Norman mythology.  I had never heard of her, and unfortunately, Kelly does not cite her sources.  Nonetheless, I include this one because it depicts a Goddess of the Birds, a favorite aspect of mine.

If you have the good luck to be in the area of  Bluffston, South Carolina this summer, her ladies are on exhibit for the summer and fall, first at the library then at the SOBA gallery.  Details are on her website.

That's all the Pagan Art that I have for now.  I may revisit the subject some more in the future so if you have any recommendations, please share them.  I am always on the lookout for great art, which can be hard to find when you are as picky as I can be.

Til next time, Blessings dear friends.

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