Monday, August 1, 2011

Learning from the Tarot

This will be a relatively short post because I am so smart that I forgot to take any pictures of my first festival gig.  I put on a beautiful green silk skirt and rigged up a red striped canopy.  It's not as Christmasy as it sounds, I promise.

The event is called The Ramble.  I live in a, well, underprivileged part of town.  There is a lot of poverty as well as a lot of art and sub culture here.  Every year for the last eight years a kind of arts festival happens in this area with artists and businesses participating.  It is very colorful and eccentric.

I decided to set up a canopy and a table and read tarot cards at this equally colorful and eccentric bike shop called the Old Spokes Home.  I was there from, oh, ten-ish to about 3:30, and earned a little over twenty bucks.  I also had a real lot of fun and learned a whole lot of stuff--maybe 3 or 4 things:

1.  Wear sunscreen
2.  Make a bigger canopy
3.  Put some colorful flanges or flags on that bigger canopy
4. Be closer to the sidewalk somehow and be generally more colorful

So one more thing--be sure to check out my updated, clarified, and cheaper fee structure on the Frankly Tarot page, and contact me for a reading.

This is a little tidbit from last year's Ramble.  There is an Epic Bike Ride at the end of the day which I miss every year.

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