Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie Buff

So here is a new semi-regular feature here at This Pagan Place.  And by semi-regular, I mean when I feel like featuring it.  Movie reviews!  And maybe some tv talk.

The reason I bring this up is that I just watched the movie The Good Witch with Catherine Bell for the second time in as many months.  It's a horrible movie--formulaic and utterly lacking in depth--and I enjoyed every frame of it.  I love the witchiness of the titular (what a great word) character's house and shop.  And broom!

Catherine Bell plays Cassandra Nightengale, an unusual woman who moves to a small town when she inherits the big, spooky, haunted house called Grey House.  She opens an occult shop in the downtown, makes a few friends, and raises the ire of a few notable biddies of the community.  Namely Martha, the mayor's wife and head of the Citizen's League.

They try to run her out of town, she falls in love with the police chief and it all comes to a head on Hallowe-en.  Of course.

I love the little shop that is depicted.  It's tiny as a shoebox but it shows the glass containers of herbs and various colored candles.  There are beautiful masks on the walls, and she sells oils and potions to a few customers.  I wish it were my own shop!

Here is a clip from the movie showing the inside of her shop.

Cute, hunh?  

It's a Hallmark movie and there are two, maybe even three, sequels.  I haven't seen any of the sequels but I'm sure they are just as horrible and delightful as the first.  As soon as Netflix has them streaming I will watch them.

Dear friends, that's all for today.  Enjoy.

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