Friday, September 9, 2011

Movies while Arting

Normally, I would say something silly like In my real life I blah blah blah and fill it in with whatever job I was holding.  However, I haven't had a real life since the end of March so now I spend my days living my pretend life or my fantasy life as an artist.  It's great fun because I am a papier mache artist and that is by and large a messy calling.

Our house has a lot of good-sized rooms and long ago--before I even knew my husband existed--I claimed one of the biggest rooms as my "craft room."  These days we call it my studio, and I spend the better part of my week in there up to my elbows in flour-and-water paste and newspaper.  While I am creating these works of wonder, I like to watch movies or tv shows or listen to various podcasts and the like.  I stream a lot from Netflix.

Last month I asked for some ideas of shows and movies to stream and someone suggested Medium, which I went through at quite an alarming rate.  I also watched the first season of Glee which I highly recommend.  Lately I have been watching Psych which is a comedic police procedural centering around a guy who has everyone thinking he is psychic.  It's hilarious.

I also love to find witchy or supernatural movies like, well, like The Good Witch which I spoke about in the last post.  But what I really love to find are the schlocky movies.  The ones that are so bad they are good.  I love that stuff.

Here are some of the doozies I have watched since last we met:

The White Zombie

This is the whole movie--a little over an hour--and it is a zombie movie in the old sense.  The zombies are not gruesome creatures come alive hankering for brains.  The main one is a beautiful young woman, in fact.  These are dead bodies that have been given life but no soul or free will so are in essence slaves to the witch doctor that raised them up.

Another great one I watched and really enjoyed is Burn Witch Burn,  also known as Night of the Eagle.  In this one a college professor on the rise finds out that his wife has been practicing witchcraft allowing him to rise up  quickly at the university.  He makes her get rid of her "protections" as she calls them and as a result things get ugly for them, and fast.  Turns out, there is another witchy woman at the university who has it out for him.  It's Great Stuff.

Burn Witch Burn

Again, this is the whole thing.  It's pretty good.

Well, friends,  that is all for now.  Next time, and soon, I will talk about a couple of other interesting, more modern movies.

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