Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Episode 2 up

Episode 2 is up.  As with any creative endeavor, the actual making of it is the least time consuming and complex.  Recording the podcast is the simplest and easiest part.  The work is in the research, the preparation and finding and learning the software.  I am enjoying the process though.

These two episodes are about a week apart, but I won't call this a weekly podcast.  From what I have learned making them, and certainly by listening to other Pagan podcasts, weekly doesn't seem realistic. Let's call it a-couple-times-a-month kind of podcast.

It's on Podbean and you can have a listen in the player below, but I think that the automatic player to the right and the feed in iTunes is an overnight process or something, since it is automatic and all.  So have a listen and leave a comment!

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