Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I'm reading

We are great readers here at This Pagan Place. The books are piled up in every corner imaginable, touching on a myriad of subjects and going into to depth on others. There are cookbooks, knitting books, fiction books both classic and contemporary, some much-loved children's books; plays, pulp, and...a Secret Library.

The Secret Library is where the pagan and occult books are kept at This Pagan Place and one of the newest acquisitions is "The Chicken Qabalah" by Lon Milo Duquette and so far, I highly recommend it. Until almost a year ago I was with a Wiccan coven and one of the things we studied was the the kabbalah. Someday I am going to go into the difference between Earth Magic and High Magic and Ceremonial Magic (that will probably be a short post because the differences are not as numerous as the similarities) but for now let us just say that if you have cabala in your magic then you've got Ceremonials on your hands, and leave it at that.

For myself, I could not really get my head or heart around the study of the kabbalah although I could see the value of it. So the other day while perusing our local metaphysical shop on the prowl for a yoga video I cam across the above tome. It posits that the study of the qabalah can be funny and entertaining and I was relieved to see that. If I ever take on students myself, I may use this book--that is, if I am foolish enough to teach them such a subject that I myself do not fully endorse--or at least books like it. I mean, the Hermetic tradition takes its name from Hermes, a trickster god after all.

And as for Tricksters....well, let's leave that for another post.

Before we close, the first episode of the This Pagan Place podcast is up.  Have a listen, leave a comment.  Cheers.

Episode One of This Pagan Place Podcast

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