Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Draw, June 8, 2011

Today I used the Jonathan Dee deck. It's not well known, but it is colorful and energetic.  The pips are non-scenic and I have been using it lately because I have one or two face-to-face readings lined up and I find that many seekers have some familiarity with the cards, specifically the Rider Waite deck.  Just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and often a seeker will put a simplistic meaning on a card that has a much more complex meaning in the context.  So I dug out this nice little deck and I am practicing with it so that I can get the pips meanings down without the visual clues that other decks offer.

Today's draw is a little unusual.  I dropped the cards as I was shuffling and once I got it together, I had two jumpers.  So I used those two and pulled the third one.

The High Priest (5);  King of Wands;  Justice (11)

Be honest and weigh carefully any lessons or advice received from men.

The first two were the jumpers and I pulled Justice.  Very interesting!

I often go with my first thoughts when looking at a few cards like this.  Often, this comes out a little tongue in cheek, a little smart-ass sounding.  On a closer inspection here, the King of Wands is in the middle so it is the central card.  The main man--person, really--in my life is my husband.  He is even more central to my daily life these days because I am unemployed so I don't see others on a regular basis.

So the central card is the King of Wands and in this case, it represents the Oaf.  He has a strong personality, and a healthy sexual appetite.  We love to discuss various ideas and issues and go back and forth on stuff.  Sometimes he can be a bit like the High Priest--more often called the Hierophant--and I do a lot of listening.  I read the Justice card to indicate someone who is, or needs to be, fair and absolutely honest with herself, and others.  

If I were reading this spread for someone else, I would advise them to listen to advice and lessons carefully, weigh everything and be honest about what makes sense, what could work, and what might not.  To be objective.

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