Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't test my Powers!

I was tooling around on the web this hot n' humid afternoon, scanning the tarot and witchy blogs that are hanging around and found a great post by Ginny Hunt at 78 Notes to Self.  She lays out everything tarot readers wish they could tell their querents but probably never do.  I am just going to hit the high points below.  She goes into a lot more detail on her blog.

1.  I don't know whether the reading I will give you will be helpful or not.  

2.  I don't always get psychic information. 

3.  I am not a mind reader.

4.  I want you to ask questions about your reading. 

5.  You can't do what I do. 

6.  I hate when people ask for free readings. 

7.  Unless I advertise other services, don't assume I provide them. 

8.  I sometimes miss things. 

9.  I'm not going to snoop on your friends. 

10.  Don't lean on me, I'm not your crutch.  

Anyway, this post inspired me to form a new motto and it goes like this:  "Don't test my Powers; I don't have any."

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