Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tarot Reader to the Stars!

I wanted to sit down and read with the cards yesterday afternoon.  It was so sunny and beautiful outside--scarcely above 70 degrees--but nonetheless, I was in a cranky, stressful mood.  It's a bad habit (in my not so humble opinion) to throw the cards for oneself on a particularly bad day because it's difficult to be objective.

Listening to the Tarot-to-Go podcast (I am making my way through its back episodes) someone talked about doing spreads for people in the news or in fiction.  That sounds like fun.  So I trolled Google News and what do you think I learned?  Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn Split!  I didn’t even know they were together!

Cruising around the internet a little more I found a nice little 5-card spread on the Angel Paths website.  I call it the Five Squared spread because it is laid out in an even-armed cross.  If I ever use it again, and I'm sure I shall, I'll probably re-name the positions a little bit to suit my reading style.

1. Present or General Theme:    5 of Wands
2.  Past Influences:                     3 of Wands
3.  Future:                                  8 of Pents
4.  Reason:                                 9 of Pents
5.  Potential outcome:                The Devil (15)

I'm gonna say that this relationship was full of petty bickering and contention.  Not big blowouts, just lots of silly arguments. 

In the past she would always deal with stuff by taking stock of her options, surveying what she had.  This time she is going to throw herself in her work, perhjaps by churning out a bunch of formulaic movies and projects that are little more than vehicles for her or other stars.  Why?  She needs, or thinks she needs, the money.  

She should be careful how she spends her energy however, or she could find herself stuck in some unfavorable deals and contracts that  take advantage of her vulnerabilities and that she can’t easily get out of.

Well, that was fun!  Not to mention, easy as pie.  And who's to say it's wrong?  Of course, if Scarlett Johansson wants me to read her cards for real entertainment-purposes-only I would certainly oblige.

That's all for now.  More stuff later!


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