Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm gonna be famous!

On Monday July 18th I am going to be the guest co-host on the Rowdy Readers Tarot Today show.  I am very excited about it.

It's a Blogtalk Radio show and it comes on three times a week--Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I try to catch the Monday and Wednesday shows.  There is also a show on Sundays, usually devoted to interviews while the other days listeners can call in and get short readings.  On Monday I will be on there helping out with the call-in readings.  I think it'll be a great experience.

So be sure to tune in on Monday afternoon;  1pm Pacific Time and 4pm here on the East Coast.  9pm in London in case anyone is listening from there.  Take a listen to this episode from last week.

Listen to internet radio with Dax Tarot Today on Blog Talk Radio

What else is interesting?  I have been reading "Understanding the Tarot Court" by Mary K Greet and Tom Little.  It's packed full of information and I've been enjoying it pretty well.  But the strangest thing is that my readings have been full of courts lately!

I've done one or two of the exercises in the book and one of them required me to separate the deck into  Majors, Aces, pips and courts. (I guess pip refers strictly to unillustrated number cards, but I like the word.)  So my deck was ordered, and at first--meaning last week--I figured the deck wasn't shuffled properly, but since then I have shuffled and thrown and read, and shuffled and cut and shuffled again.  I think my deck is shuffled now!

Yesterday I did two 3-card readings to find out what I might need to know about a good friend of mine I hadn't seen for well over a month.  The first time I figured I needed to shuffle more.  I shuffled and threw again--more court cards.

Later I did a celtic cross reading for myself--four court cards!  Three of them were cups with only the page missing.  Ca-razy.

On other fronts, I got a new deck a week or so ago; the Sharman-Caselli deck

 I like it pretty well.  I wanted to have an alternative to my usual Universal Waite.

Well, friends, that's all for now.  I will leave you with this song.  It has nothing to do with Tarot or this post, but it is one of my favorite songs.

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