Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Very Hot Day

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Am I famous now?

This is the radio show I was on earlier this week.  On Monday afternoon to be exact.  It was a lot of fun!  We gave three or four readings to callers--mostly about love.  Maybe one or two on job searches.  It was great to talk to people I normally know only over internet forums.  I would definately do it again.

And I'm sure I am famous now--at least in certain circles.

On the tv series front;  I found a new show!  I am watching it right now on Netflix as I write.  Sorta. Kinda.

It's on one browser tab and my blog updater is on another.  Another wonder of technology. Oh, and what show is this that I am currently consumed by? Well, it was suggested by commenter (and fellow Tarot Guild member) Shannon Rae.

Yes, Medium!  I started the 3rd season today and I just started watching it Monday or Tuesday.  Of course, the Oaf worked very late two nights this week so I stayed up late watching episode after episode of Medium, and waiting.

I do love me a good crime drama.  Of course, I could use more crime drama and less family drama on these shows, but it's still compelling.  What really bugs me is that the show takes place in Phoenix--a very hot place.  The main character and her husband are happily married, but despite these two things they sleep in so many nightclothes as to be fully dressed, with covers fit for New England winter's night.  Maybe it gets cold at night there, what do I know.

Phoenix, AZ.  Sure looks hot.

It's hot here in the real New England.  I am in what is sometimes called Northern New England, or, to be poetic, The North Country, just like the song.  It has been in the 90's the last couple of days.  I ain't complaining--I lived in North Carolina and Virginia so I know what hot is and it's not this.  After all, it will break in a couple of days whereas in the South it will break in a couple of months, or three or more.

This is Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan singing "Girl from the North Country." But you have to watch it on YouTube.  It's worth it.

I wonder if I got a tiny touch of Heatstroke today.  I don't actually know it when I see it, but I did get on the wrong bus this afternoon.  Not only was it the wrong bus, but it was the bus I had already taken to get to my destination and I got on it again to go home.  Jeez.  Now I am sitting in the air conditioned room for the evening.

That's all for now, dear friends.  I thought I had more to write about.  If it comes to me, I'll let you know.

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